Sunday, November 9, 2014

Journey into Flowers

Instead of using tea leaves, the stars or your palm, Jill Manson uses flowers to read your soul. Jill is South Africa's leading floral artist, a teacher and a healer. She brings the world of flowers to life through floristry training, flower healing workshops and floral decor. I also relate to flowers and believe deeply in their restorative power. (After all I was seriously into gardening back home in the United States and am a past president of my little Garden Club of America club!)

Lynn explains why she chose the baby's breath
We were given a glimpse of what Jill's flower healing workshop is all about recently at a Hawaii-themed fundraiser I attended. 

Jill asked us to pick two flowers from several vases she had set up around the room. The first flower we were asked to choose would represent "who we are now." She guided us to choose a flower that somehow depicts our present self. I chose a sunflower. It is bright and colorful and big and sunny. Its face opens wide to the sun and possibility. It reminded me of living in Africa which are all those things to me.

The second flower we were asked to choose should represent who we want to be. I chose the peony. It is one of my favorite flowers which happens to bloom (in the northern hemisphere anyway) in May, my birth month. I also relate to the structure of the peony. It is multi-layered consisting of many, many petals which slowly unfold before it is fully bloomed. I do believe in learning something new every day. The more petals the better!

And the peony cannot open alone. It needs the ant to unfurl its petals. It reminds me of the parts my family and friends - and even my enemies - have played in making me who I am. I would be a very different person without my sons and my husband, my sister and brother and my parents. In seeking friends, I am attracted to people whom I can learn from, people I aspire to emulate, people whom I admire. And yet I have probably learned even more about myself from the people who have hurt me or who have rejected me. I have become stronger and more confident, more sure of myself, more unafraid and resilient.


Jill then asked us to pick out two little laminated cards from a bag. On each card was a single word. The first card we chose would partner with our "present" flower and the second word with our "future." My sunflower word was "freedom" and I think that word needs no explanation considering my present circumstances! This is probably one of the most unencumbered times in my life. I am relishing the freedom I feel here in South Africa. I feel boundless.


My second word was "hope." I may have to have a private session with Jill to see beyond the obvious connotation regarding my future.

Here's to freedom and hope! Here's to flower power!

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